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About Us

Spring Hill is a unique, limited membership golf club dedicated to preserving and honoring the finest traditions in the game of golf. The Vision of Spring Hill is that the club will quietly take its place among the finest facilities in the country, dedicated solely to enjoying the game of golf.

Guest Play

All guests must be accompanied by a member. If you have been invited to play by a member, we ask that you adhere to the club's guidelines:

  • Guests must check-in with the Clubhouse Attendant in the locker room. Please do not change shoes in the parking lot.
  • Cellular phones are not permitted for incoming or outgoing telephone calls except in designated areas only. Inside the Clubhouse phone room, board room, or in the locker rooms next to the land line phone. Also permitted in an automobile in the parking lot with the windows up.
  • Smart phones and mobile devices may be used for silent receipt and transmission of emails and texts messages. These devices MUST ALWAYS be set on silent or vibrate notification. It is a violation of this rule for devices to ring anywhere on Club Grounds.
  • Traditional golf attire is required at all times on the golf course and practice facilities.
  • Appropriate denim/blue jeans are only allowed in the clubhouse and patio. Casual, tasteful, and appropriate shirts must be worn. Shirts must be tucked in unless tailored for outside wear. At no time will denim/blue jeans be allowed on the course or practice facilities.
  • We do ask men to remove their hats while in the clubhouse.
  • Slow play is absolutely prohibited. Foursomes are expected to play in four hours and fifteen minutes or less.